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Sometimes life is hard. And awkward. And super weird. (And no, it's not because you're broken).

Unlock your hidden potential » Learn to build happiness from within » Gain lasting coping skills » Improve your ability to manage the curve balls life throws at you.

We’re here to offer you support, healing, and a safe place to sort through life’s challenges.

Improve your sleep, reduce depression, combat anxiety, and reconnect with your loved ones through open, honest, and assertive communication.

We believe cost should never interfere with access to quality counseling options. Sliding fee scale available. Most major insurers accepted.

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Meet the Founder

Hey, I’m Rebecca. So good to have you here.

I’m the Founder of RKG Therapy and a professional counselor and psychotherapist with years of experience in a variety of therapies. I graduated magna cum laude in 2009 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and got my graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Certificate in Marriage & Family therapy in 2012. I held a few different positions before founding RKG psychotherapy in 2016.

More importantly, though — I am really passionate about serving my community and holding space for the pains, problems, and needs of real people who sometimes just need a safe place to land.

PS – Perla has joined the team!

How we can help

We want to meet you right where you’re at.

We specialize in Relationship Issues, Mood Disorders, and Family Conflict. However, in order to serve you as holistically and strategically as possible, we’ve invested in a variety of reputable certificates and degrees — which means that we are certified to help you out with just about anything.

To learn more about the personality issues, age-specific therapies, mental health disorders, and treatment approaches we can offer you, check out the full list of services.

♥ We are LGBTQI allies

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The Significant Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

By Rebecca Gorchoff

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Procrastination Makes you Crazy. Or is it the Other Way Around?

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Ever get frustrated with yourself for procrastinating those annoying tasks or chores? What if there might be a deeper cause to those tendencies? And how does procrastination impact our overall mood and functioning? Thank you to Sarah Breedlove with Radio DePaul for again hosting RKG Psychotherapy to address this interesting topic.

New Beginnings

By Rebecca Gorchoff

Hi! Welcome to our Blog! This the best place for updates and new information related to counseling, mental health, psychology, life improvement, and communication. We opened our doors on October 23rd at The Walk in Coral Springs, Florida. We are excited to have you here and look forward to providing you with the most up-to-date … Read more